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Our commitment
to responsible business

As a socially responsible business, we have been committed to delivering your parcels while reducing our impact on the environment for almost 20 years.

In 2015, we are restructuring our CSR commitments around a new policy. This is based on a common core of fundamental commitments in the areas of human rights, workplace standards (safety, disability, diversity and gender equality) and the environment (waste management, paper policy and ISO 14001 certification).

We are making strong commitments about our business, based on four key areas:
- Committing to carbon-neutral deliveries
- Tackling the challenge of smart urban deliveries
- Supporting innovative entrepreneurship
- Bridging the gap between business and civil society

Committing to carbon-neutral deliveries

Our approach is reflected in an ambitious policy of carbon reduction and offsetting any emissions that cannot be reduced, all within the framework of an assessment and measurement policy. We are committed to offering all our customers carbon-neutral parcel deliveries, at no additional cost.

Between 2012 and 2014, we reduced our transport-related CO2 emissions per parcel by 19%. 
We are also working to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. Two of our depots are now powered using renewable energy sources thanks to our partner Enercoop. 

In 2008 and again in 2013, we signed the Objectif CO2 charter of voluntary commitments on reducing CO2 emissions by goods haulers, implemented by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) and the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Development. Our commitments under the charter cover four areas: vehicles, fuel, drivers and organizing vehicle movements. We will be committing to further targets in 2015.

Tackling the challenge of smart urban deliveries

Our commitment to making the city a pleasant place to live while getting ever closer to our customers means we are focusing our efforts on the last mile, by developing urban logistics centers, using alternative vehicles and implementing solutions such as PickUp and Predict.

We now have five urban logistics centers (Paris Beaugrenelle, Paris Concorde, Marseille, Toulouse and Lille), which allow us to deliver in city centres using electric vehicles and VNG. The centers allow us to concentrate movements as close as possible to delivery and collection points. We are significantly reducing the distances we travel and therefore the polluting emissions released into the atmosphere. We are also reducing noise pollution and city-centre congestion. 

As a result, we are reducing noise pollution for residents and the level of various atmospheric pollutants. 

Supporting innovative entrepreneurship

We are committed to improving our employees' quality of life at work, developing entrepreneurship and supporting innovative businesses in order to perform better and drive innovation.

Internally, we are implementing an ambitious policy on training in eco-friendly driving. Since 2008, we have trained 1,336 employees and offer the course to all new drivers. 

We are increasing our partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers, specialist mechanics and leasing companies to examine all the new deployment opportunities. Our cooperation with Muses, an SME specializing in designing and manufacturing electric-powered urban delivery vehicles, is the perfect illustration of this kind of dynamic, innovative partnership, which resulted in designing and marketing the MOOVille, an electric delivery vehicle. Several MOOVille vehicles have joined the Chronopost fleet since they were launched. 

Bridging the gap between business and civil society

Since 2014, we have been supporting the Institut Pasteur through the Chrono United Tour. Our employees are invited to take part in various sporting events and we donate €5 for each kilometre they cover.